Tuesday, February 02, 2010


What is it you like about your comedians? Some like the split-second comic timing, some like the comic contortions they make with their faces, and hell, some people just laugh at the way their favourite comedian look. If I think about Cochin Haneefa, who left Malayalam cinema viewers today, I would think that it was the buffoon-who-wanted-to-be-a-thug persona that I loved.

Here was a guy who was built to be a bouncer, rather a street rowdy,but who's on-screen IQ always equalled that of an eight year old. How could you not help laughing at him in his garish red kurta, handkerchief tied around his neck, sleeves rolled all the way upto his armpits, and a silly excuse for a pocket knife twirling in his hand? And the way he would go 'Ashaane!!!' (roughly translated as 'sir' but yeah, not quite the same thing at all)

He invariably played a lovable rowdy, and invariably came with his chest puffed up, and left with his tail between his legs. Of course, he didnt start off this way. He started off as most wannabes started - as the villain's side kick and partner in crime and rape. Sometimes, he was the only rapist on screen. But I felt that he truly found his groove in comedy. Nobody even remembers his villainous roles - heck I don't. But I know his comic roles. Can't forget them.

There are people who can move you with their acting. Cochin Haneefa will never be known for being a great actor. Far from it. But will he be missed? Profoundly.

You will be missed Ashaane..


Pointblank said...

His role in 'kireedom' is especilaly memorable. And I liked the way u described him "a buffoon who wanted to be a thug"!

Nandhu said...

Mahanadhi -- that was cochin haneefa's best acting i have seen not including kireedam. and such a meaty role in a tamil movie with kamal in it. not sure if u saw it.

Everyman said...

@Pointblank - I think I liked him the most in Mazhapeyunnu Madhalam Kottunnu, and Mannar Matthai..Eldo..

@Nandhu- saw him in Mahanadhi..that was a rarely seen side of Haneefa..

Seema Smile said...

Recently I saw a Tamil movie dubbed in hindi. I saw Cochin Haneefa and I couldn't help but laugh although he wasn't even trying to be funny. Malayalam cinema will really miss him.

Chackochi said...

He is not only a comedian actor. He was grate scripwritter too.. He is the only one malaylee who can enter upto T.M C.M Mr.Karunanithies bed room.He made his signature in mimicry,Drama,scripwritting,direction&action...etc where ever he touched.So we lost an allrounder in arts field..

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The Penny Lane said...

Did not relate but he sounds fun...hope you have been well and yep you havent been blogging too! :)

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