Sunday, July 15, 2012


It's so bloody irritating when things start giving up on you. I can understand people giving up on you. It's not fair to expect them to keep being empathetic I guess. But when it's time for bed, and you are home, and home is Chennai (of all places), you don't want the AC to give up on surely don't. 

I just hope that it's just that the darn thing's remote control is conked, and it's not really some coil or some other such visually insignificant but otherwise so damn important thing. The latter could really pile on some misery. 



Anonymous said...

What do you mean things giving up on you. An a/c is not much trouble. Just imagine life giving up on you!

Dex said...

Second-hand AC? I know I'm being really mean here, but I told you so :(

Everyman said...

Life giving up is rather remote, don't you think? It's a once-in-a-lifetime event..thankfully happens towards the end :-D

Everyman said...

Yeah, I know you 'told me so'. On the bright side, it was just a temporary problem..the darn remote was acting its just fine again :-D..ha! touchwood

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