Friday, February 22, 2008

The Cup of Life

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life? I have been feeling this way for the past few months now. There has been such a lot happening and going on and I want to stand still and think, sit and ponder, but life just doesn’t give me the time to do this.

The change in status from “single, perennially ready to mingle” to “not single, not wanting to mingle” is drastic. No: drastic would be an understatement. This has been a giant leap in an entirely different direction. People spend months thinking about it, hoping, praying, wondering..I didn’t. I walked straight in, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. That I am having a fabulous time now with my sweetheart is an entirely different issue. Point to be noted is: I didn’t get time to let this sink in. That I was going to spend the rest of the days in wedlock (this last word conjures the image of a prison if you ask me) didn’t occupy much of my mindspace.

No sooner did I start to understand and realize all the implications of married life when Life threw the next promotion my way. Another five months from now, I will be (inshallah) a father. There. It sounds so simple. Just another disyllabic word. Just another father. That’s what men do after all, isn’t it? Father children? That’s the great cosmic purpose of every man( pun not intended here people!!!). But I just can’t imagine it. I can’t picture a part of me, or someone that is partly me, being outside of me, cradled in my arms. I can’t picture my child. How can I, when it was almost just the other day that I had no woman to return an ‘interested’ glance? I have gone way beyond that point now, in almost no time.

It’s not that I am afraid. I am eager, we are eager. She more so, since the baby has literally rocked her world . The thing is, I was just about getting used to sharing my life with someone else. Very soon, we will have a little one sleeping in between. Going by the accounts of my brothers though, it seems like I will end up spending my nights on the cold mosaic floor of my bedroom. I just want to have time enough to relish this future, to think about it, to picturize it.

I want the world around me to stop revolving and let me savour this feeling. I am going to be a dad.
Cheerio folks!


claytonia vices said...

wowwww man! You got me all emotional reading that!!

Preethi said...

Wow! This is such a cute post. And congrats shainu! 'Daddy!' that's a huge responsibility. i'm sure you are gonna enjoy the little one cradling in your arms. Have been reading all your posts here. Got myself updated about your *status* in just about few minutes now ;)
Well, Don't wait for the big feeling to sink in. You are one of those lucky souls who takes it easy i suppose...
Honestly it took a few good months for me after my daughter was born to get really bonded!! You are far ahead here..... live it up...

Macabreday said...

same story...different chapter..!!
the book keeps getting better dosent it? :)

shonu said...

Hey bro ,

Im still waiting to hear the magic words from leah " DADDA" but its always " MAMMA " she sees me and turn around but its still fun.

But its a fact first u share your bed and then you loose it forever.

The floor is all yours Forever

Pointblank said...

Hey... its my first time here.. liked ur blog.. too many things, too soon eh?

Anonymous said...

The last time I visited, you were engaged.

Now I find that the wedding has happened and a baby is on the way!!!!!!!

Many cogratulations pal!!! Lots of love

Everyman said...

@vikki - hope u dint get too mushy *sniff* :-D

@preethi - nice to see u drop by and read up on what's been happenin in my life..i am not a great soul preethi..just a taken by storm soul :-)

@Mac - yup..keeps gettin better with every chapter!!

@Bro - patience pays bro..patience pays :-)

@Pointblank : Welcome to my small but really HAPPENING world :-D..too many too soon..that's if i can just get used to all of this..

@Chandni - Thanks :-)

Jojy John Alphonso said...

Hey glad to know you are becoming a dad. Great news. Congrats. God Bless!

Macabreday said...

u have a TAG

Sumo said...

Okkayyy...I had heard that pregnant women had hormonal episodes, but u too!!!! Man, u swung from one side to the other in no time!!!

But, on a more serious note, it's nice to see u anticipating fatherhood so eagerly! Unfortunately, I cannot give ya ne advice like the other readers of this post, coz I m still in the 'single-ready to mingle-but not wanted by the opposite sex phase'!!! :-D

Just blogged, BTW.

Apugonnab said...

I am a little relieved that it finally dawned on u.. :-)