Monday, March 24, 2008

There are some things money can't buy...

  • An All-Out pluggy – 100 odd rupees (thing doesn’t really work when you want it to)

  • Mosquito repellent skin cream – 50 rupees (smells funny, non-kissable surface, and doesn’t last too long)

  • Green mosquito net – 1200 rupees (yup..sounds expensive, doesn’t it?)

  • Bright yellow rechargeable mosquito bat (my personal favourite) – 140 rupees

  • Home with a collapsible grill for a front door (an oversight) – 5000 rupees per month

The delight of smashing a gluttonous mosquito so bloated with your blood that it can’t move – BLOODY PRICELESS

I suppose that ad has got it half right..there are some things which money just can’t buy….

On a related note though..I wish someone would gift me a loaded Mastercard for every other thing that money CAN buy

Cheerio people….



Apugonnab said...

I infer mosquito & related artifacts are not worth investing in.. The only one u left out are coils.. good ol goodnight coils..

It is good to be back in cyberworld.. atleast for a while! :-)

Anonymous said...

Well... mark me down as D'UH but hey! Why you saying they are things you can't buy? You just put down their prices, didn't you? Got a feeling I just misunderstood the whole thingy. Shucks!

Macabreday said...

hehehe :)
money money money

Everyman said...

@appu - well..i wdnt say they arent worth investing in..they do have their strong points, but they arent fool proof :-D As for the coils, they are cheap, but they smell pathetic!

@Jimbo - DUH! The 'thing' that money cant buy you is the delight u get on smashin a fat mosquito in your palm!!

@Mac - wasnt that an ABBA song???

CuppajavaMattiz said...

You missed out on the really more glamorous ones.. the kind that comes through VPP post. One of my friends got a hammer and the another got an ultrasound device (via VPP) which most probably only his dog could hear :P The mosquito menace really breeds industry of a different kind. :))

Mojo Jojo said...

D'UH to you too! If you thought smashing a fat mosquito in your palm was the thing that money can't buy - ya should have listed that!
Or maybe I'm just mosquito-picking out here, he he. But I get da idea :)

Mojo Jojo said...

Uh Oh. Now I get it. I just had to go by the colour yellow and ignore all the white stuff that followed the title. Yup Yup. Me a wiser man now. But your post was bluddy complicated, da. Wot with all da colour combinations et al. Ooooffh!

Apugonnab said...

@shain - yes, true.. smells cheap, is cheap, but works FANTASTIC! So, what do u use to keep away the mosquitoes?

A friend of mine, pours the repellent into water, and then, spills the water on the floor to keep them away... U might wanna try it, but, then again, she does that on her terrace, so the water goes one level trickling down! :-) Muahahahahaha

P.S - i blog at these days!

3inone said...

i hate the way they go bzzzzz bzzzz in your ear just as you drop asleep. kind of like the word i have to type in for word verification today - iftszle

Preethi said...

try burning the mos.. repellent first. the bloody suckers die!

Sumo said...

U kno...u cud try the plain ol' Kachhua Chhap!!!

BTW, just blogged!!!